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ArtCAM Insignia -
強大的 2D/3D 設計及製造 CADCAM 軟體

Insignia Screen

ArtCAM Insignia - 功能強大且易於使用的 3D 設計與數控加工軟體

透過 ArtCAM Insignia 您可創造自己向量圖形、使用 ArtCAM 所提供的免費向量藝術資料庫或輸入以設計的向量圖形,之後便可透過內建的 3D 建模和雕刻工具進行 2D、2.5D、3D 加工。

目前世界各地企業都使用 2D 及 3D 的數位製造加工軟體製作如家俱、櫥櫃、生產木工件、鑲嵌、金屬切割、雕刻、標牌製作和冰雕等。ArtCAM Insignia 的功能特色包括:

Creative 3D design in ArtCAM Insignia

獨特的軟體工具將指導您完成整個設計製造流程,包括教學檔案及教學影片,向您展示如何製作一個標誌、招牌、家俱和其他項目,更重要的是,若您需要更先進的設計或製造的功能,您可升級 ArtCAM Pro。 ArtCAM 讓您擁有領先同業的競爭優勢。

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I have found ArtCAM to be a very powerful and user friendly tool. I have been an CAD user for years and was surprised how easy it was learn the software. It was very easy to teach others the software. The learning curve for a person with no CAD experience is only a week and they can advance from there quickly.

I have a great appreciation for the software and what it can do. I used to have to calculate CNC programs from scratch. This software is a great time saver and very efficient for manufacturing.

Howard (Buddy) Montgomery - Hancor Manufacturing